This Clueless Christian Group Named A Men’s Homeless Shelter ‘The Glory Hole’

A reader of an Alaskan newspaper, the Juneau Empire, recently found this photo of a re-dedication service of something called The Glory Hole, which was shut down last December due to flooding after several pipes burst. And no, not those pipes, you perverts.

Because this “Glory Hole” isn’t what you’d think, rather a men’s homeless shelter and soup kitchen, was founded by a local Christian group. Confused horny dudes must be showing up at this place constantly. The caption reads:

Father Gordon Blue sprinkles holy water on Executive Director Mariya Lovishchuk, left, and Jon Pollard in her office during a Rededication Service of the Glory Hole Shelter on Wednesday.

On one hand, it sounds like this place probably helps a lot of people and has a positive impact on the community. On the other, I am basically 12 years old, soooo… HAHAHAHAHAHA.


always-glory-hole via Christian Nightmares