This Couple’s Movie Poster Inspired Wedding Announcements Have Set The Bar Way Too High

Inspired newlyweds Josh and Rachel — with the assistance of their photographer friend, Jordan Nakamura — decided to up the ante on the standard boring wedding announcements you and your friends used by injecting some pop culture flare and parodying several well known movie posters.

The result is a pretty remarkable collection of posters that I would usually have some snarky comment about if the Inception one wasn’t so damn perfect and it didn’t make me wish I had been a groomsman. And I loathe being a groomsman.

Below you’ll find a sampling of some of the internet-baiting awesomeness. Find the rest here (seriously, they made seven of these) where I’m pretty sure you can leave notes chastising not our Josh for setting the groom involvement/interest bar way too high.

Joshua David Tumblr via Buzzfeed