This 7-Year Old Secretly Filmed Santa In The Act On Christmas, With A Little Help From A Crafty Uncle

Evan here is a mere 7-years old, but that didn’t stop his curiosity from driving him to achieve what some may feel was impossible: acquiring proof of Santa’s existence.

With a little help from his older brother, he set up a GoPro camera in the living room to capture video footage of the jolly old man’s visit on Christmas Eve. What ended up transpiring was a bit of video magic supplied by Evan’s uncle — a Redditor by the name of FilmingDrummer — who showed up in full Santa Claus regalia. Not only did he dress and act the part, he proceeded to stay up and edit the video together into the final work of holiday gold seen above.

That video sure made Evan a happy kid. It kind of reminded me of the time I caught the Tooth Fairy in the act. She damn near knocked her own tooth out in the middle of the night by tripping over some toys in my old bedroom. If only GoPro cameras existed in 1985 (Sorry, mom).

(Via: Dean Fisher)