This Creep Posed As A Victoria’s Secret Rep To Get Photos Of College Girls In Their Underwear

“I work for the FBI: Female Body Inspector.”

It’s a trick that only works in movies (or in episodes of The Simpsons as “wallet inspectors”), but a desperate Iowa City man got female University of Iowa students to send him pictures of themselves in underwear by pretending to be a representative for Victoria’s Secret.

University of Iowa police say 29-year-old Sean Boies created an online profile through the survey company Qualtrics, using the HawkID and passwords of two students without their permission. The surveys received more than 6,200 responses between December 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014. Those surveys allowed Boies to collect personal information from survey respondents.

On at least two occasions, he published surveys and pretended to represent Victoria’s Secret. One survey launched January 9, 2014 asked women to upload photos of themselves in their bra and lingerie and promised selected winners would be invited to a private photo shoot in Miami, according to charging documents.

Police say Boies admitted to officers that he received photos from two women and he created the survey to receive pictures of women. (Via)

Boies was charged with two counts of identify theft, as well as “Unauthorized Computer Access, a serious misdemeanor.” The judge should get creative and force him to masturbate to nothing but old issues of Glamour from now on. George Costanza know how embarrassing that is.