This Device Will Help You Shoot Chocolate Up Your Nose Because That’s A Thing Now

You know the apocalypse is upon us when someone has to create a device to shoot a delicious food substance into their cranium. Dominique Persoone, a Belgian chocolatier, created a device to help ingest powdered chocolate back in 2007 when he was hanging out with The Rolling Stones (insert drug joke here). Now, these chocolate shooters are on the market and they’re selling like Pokemon in the 90s.

Persoone mixes mint with the chocolate because it helps open the sinuses and deliver the good stuff right to the brain, but he has several formulas that include bacon, onion, and grass. The Chocolate Shooter, which sells for $50, is based on a device his grandfather used to propel tobacco up his nose, because apparently you can snort anything. Chocolate has several health benefits, including mood enhancing properties, but it doesn’t elevate happiness better than another powered substance that many will likely use instead.

via Reuters