This Discerning Rat Hates Broccoli Even More Than You Do

Broccoli: It’s one of society’s most polarizing vegetables. Personally, I don’t understand what there is to hate about a tiny vegetable tree that basically acts as its own conduit mop for absorbing butter or cheese sauces, but somehow broccoli is still manages to be one of the most hated vegetables of all time.

Take this spoiled rat named Dexter. Rats aren’t supposed to be picky creatures, which is why in the wild they’ll feed off of garbage or dead bodies or whatever they can get their little ratty paws on. But once domesticated, rats apparently go all hoity toity and all of a sudden they’re too good to eat broccoli, as Dexter demonstrates in this video. Someone should tell Dexter that in some parts of their world, starving subway rats would be happy to have that piece of broccoli.

(Via Reddit)