This Dying Woman Trying To Find A Home For Her Dog Is Only The Saddest Thing You’ll Ever See

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Patricia Cudd of Fort Collins, Colorado was told last August that she had only six months to live, after being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. While she’s lived longer than doctors expected, she needs to find a home for her dog Sherlock — a pit bull mix that she rescued from a shelter a few years ago — as she will soon no longer be able to care for her dog.

This is pretty much the saddest thing I’ve ever heard and I got up to snuggle my dog no fewer than three times while working on this story. From Colorado’s 9news:

A few years back, Patricia rescued Sherlock from a shelter. Since her diagnosis, Sherlock has helped rescue Patricia. But as her time on earth comes to an end, she knows she has to let Sherlock go. “I want someone else to love him as much as I do because I can’t run with him anymore,” Cudd explained.

Sherlock is a pit bull. Cudd says he’s one of the most loving dogs you’ll ever meet.

“He’s taught me to have fun! To just plain have fun. To go outside, look at the sun and enjoy life,” she said. If she could, Patricia would hold on to Sherlock longer, but she knows she can’t. So she’s hoping you can find room in your home and in your heart for him. “He’s such a great animal! Just magnificent,” she said.

If you’re not already at least somewhat teary-eyed, I have to warn you before clicking on the accompanying video, as it might put you in a fetal position for the rest of the day. But on a happier note, since Patricia’s story aired, hundreds have come forward with offers to help and it’s now just a matter of picking the best home for her companion.

Cancer sucks.

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