This Florida Hero Was Arrested Wearing An Uncannily Literal Monopoly T-Shirt

Does it even matter what this guy from Florida, 20-year-old Micah Dailey, was arrested for? If you must know, it was for possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana of no more than 20 grams, which is kind of bullcrap. If he got busted in Philadelphia, where marijuana has recently been decriminalized, he would have just had to pay a $25 fine, or in other parts of the country where marijuana is legal — I don’t know — underage possession?

So from the bottom of my heart, Micah Dailey, I apologize for making you something of a spectacle on the internet when clearly you got handed a raw deal.

But this is just too damn good to ignore:

Who wore it better: Micah Dailey or the “Drunk as Sh*t” t-shirt bro who got busted for DUI and hitting a parked car? Tough to call, although one thing for sure is that the “Drunk as Sh*t” bro definitely deserved to be made a spectacle of on the internet.

(Via NY Daily News)