This Florida Man Listed ‘Drug Dealer’ As His Occupation On His Own Arrest Report

The man in the above mugshot, 25-year-old Robert Phillips, might be the most honest (alleged) criminal ever. Phillips was reportedly driving a stolen car last week when he cut off an unmarked Palm Beach County Sheriff’s vehicle, nearly causing an accident. The officer driving the car quickly ascertained that the car was stolen, and that’s when things really got cooking. Via NBC6:

The Palm Beach Post reports the detective followed Phillips and watched as he engaged in a drug transaction. Deputies in marked cars caught up to Phillips, who fled at a high rate of speed.

Deputies eventually arrested Phillips, who was in possession of 22 grams of heroin and $2,316 in cash. A search of his car yielded 5.3 grams of crack cocaine.

It was after he was arrested and taken into the sheriff’s office that Phillips listed his occupation as “drug dealer” on his arrest report, which might make it just a little bit harder to fight those charges (in addition to the fact that he allegedly made a deal right in front of an officer). I can’t think of how else this guy could have gone further to secure his guilt, other than maybe trying to sell drugs to the uniformed officers as they were arresting him.

(Via Reddit)