This Florida Man Rang In The New Year By Allegedly Smearing Ash On His Face And Stealing A Neighbor’s Car

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Some folks like to have a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve to celebrate and cut loose a bit. Others like to party hard and get wasted to the point of exhaustion on the first day of the year. All of them pale in comparison to this man from Florida. From NBC2:

Potteiger says she woke up on New Year’s Day to find 52-year-old Robert Pekar rubbing ashes on his face because he thought he was a 400-year-old Indian. Potteiger says Pekar ran away before she could do anything.

Later on that morning, deputies say Pekar stole a car from another neighbor’s house and calmly drove away; but not before taking a moment to wish 17-year-old Rudy Tanelus and his brother — who were walking alongside the road — a happy holiday.

Pekar would ditch the car shortly after and was arrested allegedly swimming in a nearby development. I don’t care how much of a party you think you had on New Year’s Eve, you didn’t party hard enough to wake up thinking you were a 400-year-old ash faced Indian.

Better yet, police say they aren’t sure that Pekar was impaired during this entire incident. This just might be normal Florida behavior for some folks.

(Via NBC 2)

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