This Florida Reporter Simply Doesn’t Have Time To Deal With Captain Hornblaster

There are two ways to look at this video of coverage from yesterday’s typically tense Florida midterm elections, as delivered to us by Emmy Award-winning reporter Sarina Fazan at Tampa’s ABC affiliate WFTS.

1) Florida’s elections and subsequent election coverage deserve to be mocked, because everything that happens in my home state is viewed as stupid by someone, so when a masked man who calls himself Captain Hornblaster showed up to interrupt Fazan’s serious coverage of Charlie Crist’s bid to become governor again, people should laugh and point, because, “Haha, Floridumb, right?”

2) Fazan showed why she’s one of the best in the business by keeping her cool and not freaking out, screaming and blasting him with two gallons of pepper spray. Instead, she wrote it off as “a lot of people trying to seek attention,” and in turn she became the star of this video. Better luck next time, Captain Hornblaster.

Either way, at least he didn’t yell, “F*ck her right in the p*ssy.” Baby steps to maturity, Florida.

(H/T to Florida Man)