This Game Looks Awesome

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06.14.10 12 Comments

LucasArts has released the first cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, the sequel to the fastest-selling Star Wars video game.  Still no actual game play footage yet, but at least the trailer below would make a better movie than the prequels.

Darth Vader leaves his secret apprentice Starkiller to be executed by…stormtroopers. Having made the Force his b*tch long ago, Starkiller easily escapes. About 75% of the trailer is composed of him just killing people so it’s worth the watch. [CinemaBlend]

Only seventy-five percent?  I need to see more people than that being sliced in half, but only if they have obscured Stormtrooper faces so I don’t have to think about their grieving Stormtrooper family living in their ratty Stormtrooper tenement, just trying to make enough Stormtrooper paychecks to pay for little Suzy Stormtrooper’s medicine for her space rickets.  Stormtrooper.

[Inset pic via ProperCaps]

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