This Girl Really Loves Cats, And She’s Available

06.09.11 3 Comments

It’s so secret that we here at Uproxx love cats. And it’s also no secret that we like pretty ladies. So combine a pretty lady with a love of cats and, well, we just can’t help but wanna whip out our dongs and take a pics of them with our phones! (Well, not really, but hey EVERYBODY’S doing it!)

Speak of the devil, here’s a nice, pretty lady who couldn’t help but express her love for cats on her eHarmony profile. She’s what I like to call a FOCCLILTF (Future Old Crazy Cat Lady I’d Like To…Ahem). By the way, this is probably faker than the fake Facebook profile pic sleeve tattoo video, but I don’t care — I’M IN LOVE, DAMMIT!

And oh, speaking of online dating, do yourself a favor and go read James Altucher’s story about how he once tried to launch a Twitter dating service. It’s pretty damn amazing.

(HT: Stereogum)

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