This Girl Who Was Paralyzed From The Waist Down Surprised Her Favorite Nurse By Walking

Here’s your heartwarming, faith-in-humanity-restored validation for the day. A teenage girl named Bailey had been in complete paralysis from the waist down for 11 days with no explanation as to what caused it, which is an absolutely terrifying thought that someday, you could just wake up and be paralyzed.

During Bailey’s time in the hospital, she had become especially close with one of the nurses taking care of her. When her motor functions suddenly came back (also with no explanation), she surprised her nurse in the most outstanding, tear-jerking fashion by standing up from her wheelchair when the woman started her shift.

When it comes to hospital care, we just hear about the horror stories most of the time, so this is your friendly reminder that there are health care professionals out there who really care about their patients and vice versa.

(Via Reddit)