This Girl’s April Fools’ Prank Of ‘Dumping Her Boyfriend’ Backfired Spectacularly


April 1 has once again rolled around, the “hilarious” holiday where all of the boring, uncreative people you know announce fake pregnancies and breakups on Facebook. Rarely are legitimately funny April Fools’ Day pranks pulled off these days, so if you’re the pranker of a bad one, you deserve everything that’s coming to you.

Like this young woman from the UK, for instance, who posted the following exchange on Twitter. Hayleigh McBay messaged her boyfriend at the stroke of midnight on April 1 to tell him that she’s not happy in their relationship, and she doesn’t want to be together anymore. LOL J/K!

Unfortunately for Hayleigh, her boyfriend immediately figured out what was going on and turned the tables on her, making the pranker the prankee.

After her post went viral, people started to accuse her of April Fools’ fakery, so she clarified with another tweet:

Any minute now, I’m expecting J. Walter Weatherman to pop out from around a corner and say: “And that’s why you don’t April Fool.” At any rate, it looks like Hayleigh and her boyfriend have made up, and hopefully she learned an important lesson about pranking today.

Via BroBible