This Girl’s Yearbook Quote Is Cooler Than Yours Will Ever Be

It’s hard to get a decent yearbook quote past vigilant students desperate to get into their reach school.  It’s as if making sure that there aren’t any swears and everyone quotes the same Semisonic song will get them into Tufts. One of my friends wasn’t allowed to have “speak softly but carry a big stick” as his yearbook quote, even though that was said by a goddamn president of the United States.

So hats off to Jessica Lee for circumventing the censors with this ingenious yearbook quote. Sure, it may just look like a list of elements, but if you use the elements’ abbreviations from the periodic table (Fluoride = F, Uranium = U, etc.) the quote comes out to “F*ck Bitches, Get Money.” And any friend of Biggie is a friend of UPROXX.

The yearbook staff must have been slacking because the first three words starting with F, U and C should have been a dead giveaway. Regardless, Jessica Lee, you’re awesome. I just wish Breaking Bad weren’t ending because you should get a job writing for them when you graduate college.

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(h/t @DannyFordIsGod and Beijing Cream)