This Man Loved His Goldfish So Much, He Paid $460 For Its Life Saving Constipation Surgery

Most of you reading this probably have a pet dog, cat, or both. You love them dearly and if they ever needed surgery, like say a blockage severe enough to prevent proper poopage, you’d pay the veterinarian whatever they asked to alleviate the pain. But would you do the same for a goldfish? According to BBC News, that’s precisely what a fine gentleman from Norfolk did:

The operation, which took almost an hour, was performed by [Vet Faye Bethell], assisted by two veterinary nurses.

“We’ve got one nurse who bubbles anaesthetic gas through a tube that goes in through its mouth and over its gills, and then we have a second nurse to monitor with a probe to check the heart rate,” Miss Bethell said.

“Obviously, we discussed all the options [with its owner] and he made the decision to go for surgery.

$460 later the team successfully removed the blockage from the goldfish and reunited fish and owner. I, for one, would just say “F*ck Nemo” and wash my slimy, scaly hands of the whole affair. Yet despite my black heart, fish-man love prevails.

Source: BBC News