This Granny’s Dentures Make An Unexpected Appearance As She Blows Out Her Birthday Candles

Being old has gotta be rough, but it’s great to see some people still having fun, even at an advanced age. Such is the case with 102-years-young grandmother Nonnie, who recently had some family over to celebrate her birthday.

Nonnie’s granddaughter, Lynsey Addario, posted a video of the centenarian perched in front of lit birthday candles. In the clip, family is gathered around ol’ granny, joyfully asking her to make a birthday wish. Nonnie is then seen taking a little old-lady breath, and she proceeds to blow out the candles. Within seconds of releasing air, though, her dentures come flying out of her mouth. Luckily, the false teeth barely miss the cake, and harmlessly hit the table below her. Nonnie then lets out an adorably hearty cackle, much to the delight of everyone present.

Nonnie seems to be a pretty cool-ass grandma, and looks to be well-loved by her family. I bet she was a firecracker back in her day.

(Via: Mashable)