This Guy Bought A Lotto Ticket To Break A $100 Bill And Ended Up Winning Millions

<> on May 17, 2013 in San Francisco, California.
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Despite the aesthetic pleasure of seeing a crisp $100 bill in your wallet, carrying big bills can be a headache when you’re not buying a big ticket item. Give me five $20 bills anyday, but if Richard Noll had been carrying smaller bills, he wouldn’t have won $10 million (which breaks down to a $6.5 million one-time payout after taxes) in the lottery.

A Revere, Massachusetts, man who bought two lottery tickets at a Boston grocery shop to break a $100 bill so he could buy lunch ended up winning $10 million. […]

Noll says he needed to break a $100 bill to get lunch at a sandwich shop and bought two $20 “Platinum Millions” instant tickets at Lanzilli Groceria in East Boston. The shop gets a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Me, I buy a pack of gum if I need change. But while I really like gum, I might just think a bit bigger next time. Also, how about that sandwich shop? If not for their apparent aversion to large denominations, Noll might have had a $5 hoagie and $95 in mixed change. It just goes to show how many little things go into creating a bit of “luck”.

(Source: NBC NY)