The Guy Who Invented The ‘Ginger Discount Card’ Wins Everything

OK, so gingers admittedly get the short end of the stick most of the time. They have to deal with ghostly pale skin, an abundance of freckles, and they’re an almost extinct species. But thanks to one savvy red-head from Scotland, all the gingers of the world now have one less problem.

What started out as a gag gift for his 30th birthday quickly turned into a big money saver for Richard Macrae. A buddy presented him with a homemade “Ginger Discount Card” which sported Macrae’s photo on a laminated piece of orange paper. Macrae, seeing it for the piece of genius it really was, decided to try out his new gift, presenting it at local retailers.

I ask if they do the ginger ­discount and when they look confused, I slide across my card. Usually everyone gets the humour behind it. Some people look confused and wonder if it’s real, which is always a laugh, but most get the joke. I’ve saved a couple of hundred pounds maybe, with money off booze, taxis, food and club entries. Over four years it fairly builds up. (Via)

Macrae estimates he’s saved hundreds of dollars by using the card and it’s inspired folks he’s met to try to create their own. Your move, Bonaduce.

Via the Scotsman