This Guy Made An Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Suit

Ryan Brooks made the Iron Man suit seen above which also folds into briefcase size, in case you want to stuff it into an actual briefcase, pretend it’s a bunch of drugs, then sell it to an undercover agent and bury the money in your mom’s garden, Danny Trejo style.  The Mark V briefcase suit was made from over 4000 LEGO Technic pieces along with 384 handmade pieces of armor, LEDs, and an Arduino controller for making sound effects. I hope it makes the “cat yowling while knocking over trashcans” sound effect.  That one never gets old.

He says it took over 1,200 hours to build, which would be more than $8,700 if you were earning minimum wage for those hours, but no one ever seems willing to pay us to play with LEGO, at least not with our clothes on.  You can check out the suit in the video and pictures after the jump.

[via Geekologie, ObviousWinner, and ry84]