This Guy Not Only Survived Being Struck By Lightning, But Caught It On Camera Too

This past Saturday, Robb Montejano was out walking across a Seattle field, minding his own business when he noticed bolts of lightning crackling in the sky above him. He immediately did what any curious person would do and whipped out his handy phone in hopes of capturing raw footage of Mother Nature’s light show. He ended up filming much more than that:

In less than a minute after pressing record, Montejano saw more lightning and felt a jolt.

“I just felt this surge of electricity go ‘boom’ through my body,” he said. “The electricity flowing through my body. I can’t describe it. It was amazing.”

Firefighters responded to the emergency call and say Montejano is doing fine, and was just a little shaken up.

Below, watch Montejano’s actual recording (watch closely around the 0:27 mark).

It goes without saying that Montejano, like that one Atlanta guy, is pretty lucky to be alive. If only those 40-something cows in Montana had his good fortune.

Via SeattlePi