This Guy Probably Wishes He Heeded The Warning Of The Pedestrian Who Told Him To Stop Racing His Lamborghini

I can’t find any context for this video anywhere on the internet, but from what I can best make out the guy shooting it was capturing an altercation between some jackass drag racing his douchey Lamborghini Aventador and an angry pedestrian (possible resident?) threatening him to stop drag racing. Suffice to say, the lambo driver ignores the irate guy, and that’s where Mr. Rock comes into the picture. I don’t think I have to tell you what happens next, but let’s just say it’s EXTREMELY satisfying.

The guy shooting the video at one point says “What a dick!” Do you think he’s talking about the Lamborghini driver or the angry dude? I honestly can’t tell and after watching this like six times and I’m wasting way too much thought on it.

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