This Guy Quit His Job As Mayor After Being Banned From All 36 Pubs In Town

What’s the first thing you do after being hit with bad news? If you’re anything like me, you’ll mosey on down to the neighborhood bar and cozy up to a few bottles of Founders IPA. Unfortunately for Wayne Ronayne, who just resigned as Mayor of Gosport, England, frequenting a local watering hole to ease life’s pains is not an option. And it won’t be for the next six months!

He had it coming, though, according to his pissed off constituents.

Here’s why: Back in June, Ronayne and some friends went out to celebrate his new position as mayor. However, the night was cut short when he supposedly partied WAY too hard at a pub — so much so that a scuffle broke out, police were called to assist, and he and his group were asked to leave. The unfortunate incident eventually led the local Pub Watch to ban Ronayne from all 36 pubs in town for the next couple of months.

Many in the community had been calling for Ronayne’s resignation since that night and finally, today, after being in office less than two months, he did so. I wonder what’s killing him more — being knocked off the political throne or having nowhere to go to drown his sorrows?

Via BBC News