This Guy Was Kicked Off His Southwest Flight For Wearing A Vulgar ‘Broad City’ T-Shirt

A Brooklyn man, Daniel Podolsky, was traveling from Dallas to Chicago following SXSW when his plane had to make an emergency landing in St. Louis due to weather conditions. At the time, Podolsky was wearing his fancy new “Broad F*cking City” t-shirt that Comedy Central handed out to hundreds of SXSW attendees at their event. When he went to re-board the flight, crew members politely asked him to conceal the profane messaging on his shirt by either putting his jacket on, taking it off, or turning it inside out. Annoying, for sure!

Unwilling to comply, Podolsky was denied admittance aboard his Southwest flight. Podolsky tells St Louis’ Fox 2 in the above video that he was given no other recourse to board his flight, but a vertically filmed video that he provided himself tells a shockingly different story.

From Podolsky’s own Facebook page:

The moral of the story is that an airline is a dictatorship, not a democracy, and — like I tell my husband when he argues about his bags getting checked — you comply with their dumb rules or you get kicked off your flight. Period. You won’t get your money back, and your only course of action is to complain to the local news about it.

Via Fox 2 Now