This Guy’s Crappy Pokemon Tattoo Became An Internet Sensation

An interesting phenomenon struck Reddit this week, and you may have noticed it — if you’re really into Japanese gaming. A user in /r/funny claimed his friend — who was drunk and high on Xanax at the time — gave himself a rather interesting tattoo. A self-drawn tattoo immediately qualifies as “interesting,” but this one takes the cake because it’s supposed to be Charmander from Pokemon:

This is what Charmander actually looks like:

The image and its accompanying drug-induced story hit the front page, but that’s not where this story ends. Not by a long shot. As you know, Reddit has a penchant for not letting things go. So somebody decided to digitize the tattoo design for mass consumption:

A t-shirt designed quickly used the digital version for a new shirt:

Meanwhile, another intrepid creative decided to vinylize the poor fire lizard:

This super-meta-guy put the original, the digital, and the vinyl all on the same t-shirt:

But the most interesting (if not wholly Reddit-worthy) by far was this engraved wedding ring. Yes, wedding ring:

Other than the slow clap I’m currently giving these five Redditors (and the website as a whole), I’m not really sure I have any kind of articulate or dignified response for this.

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(Via Reddit)