This Guy’s Epic Drug-Fueled ‘God Is Here’ Rant Ends Just Like You’d Expect It To

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06.01.15 8 Comments

A quick look at the above video reveals two things about its ranting subject:

  1. He likes wearing camouflage shorts and nothing else.
  2. “God is here” is on par with “F*ck you!” in terms of drug-fueled religious fanaticism.

According you YouTuber Prometheus DaVinci, a “neighbor goes off on drug induced God rant and gets taken down by the police.” It’s a short description — one of the shorter ones available on YouTube — but it’s dead-on.

For reasons unknown (sure, DaVinci assumes drugs, which is plausible), the man in the above video stands on his second floor apartment’s balcony shouting “God is here,” “F*ck you,” “Go ahead and shoot me,” and a few other choice phrases of theological enlightenment. He does this for about three minutes before he decides to take on the police with a few misplaced karate moves. No, seriously.

Then it’s the sound of a taser, a significant struggle, and broken glass. The police eventually cuff the man and, thankfully for the neighbors’ sake, shut him the hell up.


(Via Prometheus DaVinci)

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