This Helpful Video Demonstrates The Worst Ways To Remove Those Pesky Movember Mustaches

Another Movember has come and gone, and for many that undertook the charitable act are probably looking for a way to remove those presky soup strainers from their faces. YouTuber Mehdi Sadaghdar took it upon himself to inform the public of all the ways you’ll want to avoid when trying to get rid of your mustache, everything but soap and razor.

He covers fire, electric shock, and even a normal everyday kitchen knife. None of it seems to work too well, sort of putting everything I learned in old westerns in question. Am I supposed to believe some guy on the frontier is shaving off his scruff with a bowie knife? Bullsh*t, pilgrim.

The other missing solution to removing your mustache is not removing your mustache. If it worked for Burt Reynolds circa 1980, it will also work for you eventually.

(Via Mehdi Sadaghdar)