This Homeowner Really, Really Hates People Leaving Dog Poop Outside His House

I don’t know what it is about the winter time, but for some reason crappy dog owners seem to pick up their dog’s poops even less than usual. Yeah, I know. It sucks that you have to take your gloves off (or risk getting poop on them) and then awkwardly juggle your gloves and the poo bag while your hands freeze. But just be a decent human being and pick up your dog’s poop, for christ’s sake.

Well one man has clearly had enough. According to the Redditor who posted this picture of his neighbor’s house over in the UK, the man who lives here is an otherwise upstanding, fine citizen; in addition to being a parent and a responsible dog owner himself. But every man has his breaking point, and this guy’s breaking point in the form of dog crap — a copious amount of which apparently gets left outside of his house all of the time.

Seriously people, just pick up the poops.

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