This Incredibly Vulgar Child Who Just Wants Some F*cking Hot Cheetos Speaks For Us All

Mountain Dew got into some trouble earlier this week with a Tyler, the Creator-directed commercial of theirs, one that featured a goat who beats up women because he wants green soda or something? Not really sure what they were going for, but it did not go over well, with the exception of the small group of Redditors (I’m assuming) who love racist ads featuring misogynistic barnyard animals. Anyway, that was advertising done wrong. The video below, starring a mere kid who can’t stop, won’t stop until he gets himself some Goddamn Hot Motherf*cking Cheetos, is advertising done RIGHT, and it wasn’t even commissioned by God, or whoever makes Cheetos.

“Are you seriously eating banana chips and f*ckin’ drinking ketchup?” he asks. NOT ANY MORE.

(Via HyperVocal)