This Is Exactly What It’s Like To Live With 41 Dogs In Your House

Most people are satisfied with one or two (or sometimes three to seven) pets in their home. Not Lynn and Tony Everett, though. The couple, currently enjoying their golden years, didn’t think a few dogs were going to cut it, so the two Brits got more and more dogs, until the amount of dogs in their house outnumbered the humans by 20 times. And they couldn’t be happier.

Oddity Central reports that the Everetts have 24 French bulldogs, ten miniature bull terriers, four Chihuahuas and three Chinese cresteds. Yes, taking care of them is a full-time job:

Walking the dogs is like a military operation, with over 120 poop scoops. They spend two hours a day preparing meals for the dogs, and it costs them about $46,000 a year in dog food, pet accessories, and vet bills. But they love every minute they get to spend with their dogs, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Feeding time takes two hours, there are 41 dinners to prepare and 41 bowls to wash after,” Lynn said. “I have to remember who eats what as some have beef and the other have chicken. You have to be there when they’re eating so they don’t argue.”

While Lynn Everett never regrets the decision to take in more and more dogs, her husband isn’t as enthusiastic. That’s not because he doesn’t love the dogs, but because the couple can’t do much else. In fact, they haven’t taken a vacation in over two decades because they can’t leave the dogs—some of whom are disabled—to anyone else.

There’s currently a documentary being shot about the couple and soon the entire world will know exactly what it’s like when dogs take over your home. It’s great a lot of the time, but apparently, people can also be quite mean:

According to the couple, the most difficult aspect of raising so many pups is the abuse and criticism that people hurl their way. The worst was when one person actually threw a brick at their window. “They are really nasty about it,” Lynn said. “I don’t ask them to have 41 dogs, they are my 41.”

“We get a lot of abuse, I have been called dirty, smelly b****, why do they say things like that? If they have a problem they are small minded, it’s my choice what I do with my time.”

At least they’ve got the dogs to keep them warm!

(Via Oddity Central)