This Is a Post About the New Mass Effect 3 Endings

Sigh. Well, I guess there’s no avoiding it. As the main guy who writes about video games around here, it’s my duty to report that the Mass Effect 3 extended ending DLC came out yesterday. I have no opinion on this one way or the other because opinions make people angry — after the last time I wrote about this I vowed to only state opinions about things less important/controversial than BioWare games. Politics, religion, the meaning of the life — stuff like that.

Hit the jump to check out all the new Mass Effect 3 endings. Or don’t. Doesn’t matter to this no-opinion havin’ guy…

SPOILERS. The videos below contain SPOILERS. If you SPOIL yourself by watching them, don’t come crying your SPOILERY tears to me.


In addition to extending the original color-coded Mass Effect 3 endings, the DLC also includes an entirely new ending.

In order to remain opinion-less, I haven’t actually watched any of the new endings, but I’m sure they’re as satisfying as BioWare fans are appreciative. Now let’s never speak of this again.

via Kotaku & Topless Robot