This Is What It Looks Like When Your Home Gets Invaded By An Entire Flock Of Birds

According to the Redditor who posted this video yesterday, he and his girlfriend left their house and were gone for less than an hour, returning to the chaos that you see above. Somehow, the birds made it into the house through the chimney, and there are so many birds.

He and his girlfriend were eventually able to get the birds out just by grabbing them and throwing them out the door, but my God. Can you imagine the bird crap? You’d be cleaning it up for literally the rest of your life. One bird somehow got into my house once through the chimney, and it pooped all over the place before flying upstairs and dying. We’re still unclear if it was death-by-cat or natural causes. Honestly, if an army of birds flew into your house and covered it with poop, you’d be better off just burning the house down and starting life elsewhere by assuming a new identity.

Part 2: