This Is Your New RoboCop, America


To be honest? I actually like it a lot.

This actually looks exactly like it came from every single idiotic ad for some sort of product made out of Kevlar ever made, so, really, considering the tone of the movie, it’s pretty much a perfect choice.

The original was intended to reflect both the cutting edge of ’80s technology and how that technology was presented. It’s very easy to forget how ridiculous ads in the ’80s were for gadgets. Similarly, if you step back and take a look, this is pretty amusing in of itself. This wouldn’t be out of place in a Super Bowl ad. It definitely looks a bit like Iron Man’s armor, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s worth noting that the suit also likely doesn’t look like this on film. This seems to have a matte black look to it and none of the shiny red lights we’ve seen in teaser posters. I’m guessing this will have some CGI thrown onto it for most of the movie.

Nonetheless I’m sure there will be screams of bad-touched childhoods, but at least it’s not that weird Superman outfit.