This Isn’t Single Barrel: A British Con Man Was Caught Selling Feces Tainted Urine As Whiskey

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If ever a man approaches you in Blackpool (in the UK) and offers to sell you homemade bottles of whiskey on the streets, you just run in the other direction. Seems a man named Nickolas Stewart has been selling people bottles of water and urine tainted with his feces to make it look (exactly) like whiskey. The perp was actually selling the stuff in sealed Jack Daniels bottles. As far as scams involving crap, this guy really thought this one through.

From the Blackpool Gazette:

Two of the bottles seized from him were sent for analysis. They were purported to contain whiskey and vodka. But they were water laced with urine and faeces probably to give the so called whiskey colour.

Thankfully, the dastardly deficator was caught, but was handed a suspended sentence because he admitted to it all. Which ultimately means, for the next twelve months, you still want to avoid street whiskey in the UK. Truth is, people should be doing that anyway. You know you can totally get that exact same thing in stores, right? But minus the feces and piss, of course. Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra to ensure you are not drinking sh*t. Literally.

Via BlackpoolGazette, H/T to TimesLive