This Isn’t The Batmobile Stroller Your Baby Needs. It’s The One It Deserves.

If you know any new parents, you know that getting a stroller is fairly serious business. There are dozens of makes and models, lots of features, and lots of attempts to guilt-trip parents into spending as much money as possible. Which is why one smart mom cut through this particular Gordian knot and asked the Super Fan Builds team to manufacture a Batmobile stroller.

You might remember SFB from their Groot swing, and the prop experts really don’t disappoint here. True, this tiny Tumbler doesn’t have a jet engine and isn’t capable of crushing other strollers like a monster truck, but otherwise, it’s a note-accurate prop, right down to the little details.

That said, they missed the boat by not including Nerf missiles. Really, every stroller should have Nerf missile launchers standard. Parents would chase each other around our parks, pelting each other with foam projectiles, and giving the trolls at Urban Baby something else to whine about. But we guess a Batmobile stroller will do for now.