This Japanese Employee Documented His Insanely Long Work Week And We’re Surprised He’s Still Alive

Employees in Japan are known for logging obscene amounts of hours at work each week, with many nearly driving themselves to their own graves with strokes and heart attacks. As we noted last month, the situation has gotten so bad that the Japanese government is actually considering forcing its workers to take time off.

But what exactly does this “death by overwork” epidemic even look like? A Japanese employee who calls himself Stu in Tokyo recently made the above video called “A Week In The Life Of A Tokyo Salary Man”, illustrating the insane schedule he and many others often keep. I thought *I* had it pretty rough having to work 7 days a week; I doubt I’d last more than a month doing his job.

Here’s Stu’s accompanying video description:

January to the end of March is our ‘busy season’ at work, which means that for these 3 months, my life is basically like this…

There are definitely people in Tokyo who do this all year round in order to support their families. I couldn’t imagine having to do this if I had those kinds of responsibilities as well.

Big salutes to all you hard workers out there, winning bread for your loved ones!

[Via YouTube]