This Lady Either Just Made The Worst ‘Free Cat’ Videos Ever Or She’s A Viral Genius

08.07.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

For anyone who may have been put off by the obviousness of Vince’s favorite new music video, “Tits and Cats,” one YouTube user is being a little more subtle about that same combination in some videos about her cat. “Lola Marmolejo” is actually trying to give her cat “Jimmy” away, and he seems to be a cat from the hell based on the way that she portrays him in these two clips. But some viewers are having a very difficult time paying attention to this lady’s horrible death threats as the cat bites the hell out of her arm, because of the style of shirts that Lola chooses to wear in her so-called advertisements.

Who would have thought that a large-chested woman bragging to YouTube that someone wants her kitty would cause all of the perverts to come out of the woodwork? Aside from everyone, that is. But I have to admit that “If you have bad kids, let him play with them” is some of the best advice that I’ve heard from anyone this year.

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