This Little Piggy Falls Through A Ceiling And Tears Up A Hong Kong Clothing Store

The average mental image of a pig usually consists of them chillin’ in slop, or speaking with a hilarious speech impediment. One Hong Kong piggy, though, was apparently not down for any of that.

According to BBC News, a Hong Kong mall store got an unexpected surprise, when a 55-pound pig came crashing through the store’s ceiling like some sort of thief in a jewel heist.

The female boar was thought to have roamed from its habitat near the Chai Wan Mall in Hong Kong. Reports state the pig, probably looking for some quick cardio, climbed an outside ladder to the roof of the mall.

Once there, the little porker’s legs ripped a hole into the ceiling of a children’s clothing shop, causing it to fall onto a ledge inside. The wild boar then went into BEAST MODE, and proceeded to tear the store up.

Police eventually caught and tranquilized the chubby intruder, sending it to an animal-rehabilitation center (slaughter house).

(Via BBC News)