This Man Has 40 Kids By 20 Women And He Isn’t Finished

Mike Holpin is a real winner. At 56 years old, he’s fathered 40 children. At least. And by 20 different women.

On the UK’s Channel 5 program 40 Kids by 20 Women, he will try to reconnect with them all, like that Vince Vaughn movie. Holpin understandably has a ton of valuable relationship advice he’s quick to share with his estranged children.

Mike visits his son Mike Jr. to see if he can help him get back in touch with Luke, and while he’s there he admits to him that when he was a baby, Mike used to use him in his womanising ways.

‘He used to be my pulling thing when he was a baby. I picked up a few birds like that. There’s nothing nicer than a single fella with a little baby.’

When his son Mike Jr. tells him he needs to calm down his wild ways, and that he himself only sleeps with women he really likes, Mike has some fatherly advice for him.

‘Sex is just sex. If a bird is ugly, do it doggy.’

He says he’s not done having kids and that he is “doing what god wants.” Ladies, please, try to remain calm as you race to the front of the line to be lucky number 21.

Source: Metro UK