This Man Has Sent Over $100,000 To A ‘Wife’ He’s Never Met In Nigeria

It’s not normally our policy to post clips from the Dr. Phil Show, but — if legit — this is just too incredible to be ignored. Yesterday Dr. Phil had a 53-year-old man named “Steve” on his show, who claims to be legally married via long-distance to a woman named Kelly living in Nigeria whom he met online and has never met in person. Kelly’s parents were allegedly killed in a car accident back in 2010 and she stands to inherit $25.6 million dollars once the legal paperwork goes through, but in the meantime Steve has sent her over $100,000 over the past 29 months to support her until she receives her inheritance. Seems perfectly reasonable!

Dr. Phil, however, asks Steve if “that’s one of the reasons [he] knows this is for real, because what scam would go on for 29 months,” to which Steve replies that yeah, obviously people have better things to do besides try to get money from someone for 29 months. Obviously! Unless, you know, that person continues to give them money.

Steve claims that he and Kelly communicate primarily through Yahoo messenger and at that point Dr. Phil is all, F*CK THIS, let’s get this Kelly person on the phone — who is currently living with her “lawyer” because that’s not at all shady. So they call and Steve tried to communicate with what is very clearly a recording of someone pretending to have a one-sided conversation and then Dr. Phil is like, LOL that’s a recording dude.

This can’t really be for real, can it? But I guess if there was no one to fall for online schemes from Nigeria, scam artists from Nigeria would have eventually given up trying to scam people.

I’m with you, lady:

Via Huffington Post