This Man Was Born With His Head Upside-Down

Next time you think you have it bad, next time you think you’ve been dealt a crappy hand in life, remember Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, a man born with his head upside-down. The 37-year-old Brazilian man suffers from a rare condition called congenital arthrogryposis which makes it impossible for him to extend his joints properly. As a child he had trouble breathing and it got so bad that his mother was told to stop feeding him. But Claudio persevered and today works as an accountant and motivational speaker.

Here’s an amazing quote from Claudio:

“Throughout my life I was able to adapt my body to the world. Right now, I don’t see myself as being different. I am a normal person.

“I don’t see things upside-down. This is one of the things I always talk about in my interventions as a public speaker.

I still can’t get over that picture.