This Man’s Incredible Real-Life Archery Skills Would Make Hawkeye And Legolas Cry

Hollywood’s depiction of archery often seems, dare I say it, not terribly realistic. Sure, Legolas shooting a dozen orcs in half-a-dozen seconds without even looking is pretty damn cool, but nobody, not even pretty pretty elves, could actually do that, right? Bows just don’t work that way!

Well, it turns out the archery feats you see in movies actually are possible, and then some – Lars Anderson claims to have rediscovered secret ancient archery techniques, which sounds like bullsh*t, but you can’t argue with the results.

Have you ever seen Hawkeye shoot the head off a plastic bear while operating his bow with his feet? I didn’t think so. Did Legolas ever hit six targets in a row while on rollerblades? Uh, I’m not sure how that situation would have come up in Middle-Earth, but hell no. Lars, you’re my dork warrior hero.

Via Reddit