This ‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Footage Proves Snake Can Weaponize Anything

For those just interested in gameplay, skip ahead to about 2:55; here’s a quick summary of what you’re missing by not viewing the cutscene. The gameplay footage, though, is pretty great.

In terms of overall mission, we’re not reinventing the wheel: Snake is sneaking onto a base, stealing something, and then sneaking right back out. What makes it stand out is how weird everything is; for example, this game features a mechanic where you can attach a balloon to pretty much anything and remove it from the map, whether it’s a jeep full of soldiers or a goat.

Yes, Snake steals a goat in this footage. Also, he uses horse turds to take out a jeep. As in, the horse takes a dump on command. That’s… a very well trained horse.

That said, there’s a lot of interesting points raised in the video. The first is that as you play through the game, it learns your strategies and counters them, which means my beloved tactic of sneaking through a compound headshotting mooks will only work for a level or two unless I vary it up. Also interesting is the enemy AI, at least until you discover that all you need to take them down is a set of boobs airbrushed onto a box. Yep, this is a Kojima game all right.

In all, it looks like a very refined stealth game. What’s worrying is that nearly three minutes of this video is eaten up with a cutscene that tells us absolutely nothing about the plot and repeats the same points roughly eighty times. Which leads us to the most important feature of all: When the demo player hits pause, we see there’s a “skip” option. And, man, that’s way more exciting than it should be.

Via Kotaku