This Mom Apologized On Facebook For Her Kids Being Assh*les At A Movie

When Kyesha Smith Wood found out her daughter and step-daughter had been rude and loud at a movie theater, ruining the experience for another woman who had fallen on hard times and wouldn’t be able to see another movie for a while, she didn’t just get mad — she got viral. She posted to Facebook starting a search for the woman so her kids could properly apologize, and pay for the woman to see another movie out of the kids’ allowance. The post was shared more than 5,000 times and the girls were as adequately shamed as movie-theater talkers should be.

And the story has a happy ending — Smith Wood found the woman she was looking for.

On Sunday, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office announced that the mother with “great parenting skills” found the person she was looking for.

“They have been in touch with one another and all is being set right,” the department shared on its Facebook page. “Nothing but grace and class on the part of both these ladies.”

On Tuesday, Smith Wood confirmed that the movie theater mystery woman was Alabama mother Rebecca Boyd.

Boyd thanked Smith Wood for teaching the girls a lesson.

“The way you handled the situation and the lessons you are teaching your girls is wonderful,” Boyd commented on Smith Wood’s Facebook post. “This is something we will never forget!!!! I feel like we will always be connected!!!!”

Source: CBS