Here’s An Ugly, Fat Shaming Note A Woman Received After Wearing A Bikini In Her Own Yard

An Australian woman received this note from one of her neighbors after wearing a bikini in her yard on a hot day. The note reads:

To whom it may concern

I don’t appreciate fat people wearing bikinis/short shorts when watering. Please cover up or I will report to you. You disgust me. I didn’t move her for this.

The mean, anonymous person also told the woman to stop walking her cat. Um, sure, any other demands? Are leggings kosher or does she have to get your approval first? And who are you reporting this to exactly?

Hi 9-1-1, there’s a woman next door wearing a bikini and she’s fat.


Hello, are you there?

Ugh, people can be cruel and nasty sometimes. Be better everyone.

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