This Nazi Cab Driver’s Defense For Wearing A Swastika Is The Most Confusing News Interview Ever

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05.18.14 15 Comments

As soon as I opened the video and this guy started speaking, I was instantly befuddled. Obvious issues aside, the idea that someone would try to wear a swastika around New York City during their day job just boggles my mind.

Add in some talk about Hitler being a good guy, hate denial sprinkled with things that sounds like hate, and one very cagey newsman and you’ve got one of the oddest news interviews you’ll ever see. From the video description:

Describing himself as a ‘National Socialist,’ New York City cab driver Gabriel Diaz talks with CBS 2’s Lou Young about the Nazi armband he was caught wearing in his cab.

I’ll give the guy credit, he sticks to his guns. And he certainly does have the freedom to believe what he wants and speak as he sees fit. His message of love and forgiveness is something Christ might’ve said. We know how that story ended, I just doubt that Christ would’ve been beaten with pipes in Queens for his message.

Did I wake up in some Orwellian fantasy? Doublespeak and all that kinda junk? My head is hurting.

(Via CBS New York / Reddit)

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