This New Year’s Eve Package At Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar Will Set You Back More Than $1000

Headed to Times Square tonight? I don’t know why you’d do that, because it sounds like the worst idea ever — but if you’re into terrible ideas then maybe this deal will be up your alley! For the bargain price of just $999, you and your boo can enjoy the Couple’s VIP Package at Guy Fieri’s Times Square institution, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. The pricing has since been removed from, the NYC New Year’s Eve party website, however the good people over at The Braiser got a hold of this screenshot first:

And what does your money buy you for $999 at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar?

Open bar from 7 p.m. to midnight
Appetizers (from the same buffet as the $139 ticketholders)
(1) bottle of champagne
Midnight champagne toast
“NYE party favors”
An additional fee for coat check

Not included: gratuity

Also not included: Guy Fieri, who has better things to do than spend his New Year’s with the unwashed masses. So assuming you’re a decent tipper and not going to walk around holding your coat like a jabroni, that puts the grand total at somewhere around $1,225. Although, I have no idea if that $999 includes tax so it might be even more.

If you’re wondering why anyone would pay this much money to spend New Year’s Eve at literally the worst place in America, wrap your head around this: Last year’s Couples VIP package at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar cost a mere $795, which suggests that demand was actually far greater than supply.

Happy New Year! Everything is the worst.

(Via The Braiser)

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