This NYC Police Officer Viciously Berated An Uber Driver For Honking His Horn

According to the description of this YouTube video, a police officer in an unmarked car was attempting to park without using his turn signal, or indicating in any way that he was attempting to park, at a green light. So the man driving behind him, an immigrant Uber driver carrying two passengers, honked and drove around him, politely gesturing that he should have used his blinker… which was what led to the above altercation.

The officer proceeded to pull the car over and berate the poor driver, yelling threats and obscenities, for at least the three minutes that his passenger in the backseat helpfully filmed, and who knows for how long before he started filming. Frankly, it’s difficult to watch.

On a reaffirming note however, the Good Samaritan passenger who filmed the incident is being proactive in making sure that the NYPD fully addresses the issue:

Via Reddit