This Philadelphia Food Cart Owner Was Falsely Accused By Local News Of ‘Kidnapping’ His Wife And Son

Philadelphia’s NBC10 news reported on a possible abduction case involving two Asian boys who, according to witnesses, were “placed in the trunk of a grey Honda” around 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening in South Philadelphia — despite the fact that no amber alert had been issued and they had no confirmation from authorities.

So, excellent job, NBC10 news. Way to be extra vigilant when it comes to a possible abduction case. Except that it wasn’t abduction at all, because the two men in question, Paul Davis and Steve Renzi, are co-owners of a popular local vegan food cart, Kung Fu Hoagies — and the “two Asian boys” in question were Renzi’s wife and 4-year-old son.


The vehicle has Pennsylvania tags and the last four numbers are “****,” according to witnesses. They also claimed the Honda was pulling an orange food cart with a picture of a dragon on the side.

Police continued to investigate and interviewed witnesses overnight but as of Monday morning had yet to confirm any of the witness statements.

In their defense, Kung Fu Hoagies left the following statement on their Facebook page:

Well anyone who thinks this might have been us… is right I guess? We were traveling (or re-parking) our car with two asians in the back of our honda element (not trunk) but they were Steve’s wife and 4 year old kid. No amber alert because the investigating detective was smart enough know this was bs when it landed on his desk.

As of this writing, the story is still live on NBC10’s website despite having been debunked, in addition to appearing on the morning news. So a couple of guys just trying to make their livelihoods are now the possible target of civilian vigilantism and god knows how many mistaken 911 calls. To anyone interested in a possible career in broadcasting, I think this is what can be considered as “nailing it.”

Right Stephen Colbert?